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Wrist Rests Mouse Pad Wrist Support Gliding Mouse Rest Smooth Sliding Wrist Pad for Mouse Palm Wrist Support Pad Gaming Wrist Rest for Computer, Laptop, Office Work

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  • Sliding wrist rest: the mouse wrist rest can slide freely, which can improve the position of the wrist by raising the wrist and reducing harmful stretch; It helps to effectively relieve wrist pain and fatigue caused by long-term repetitive movements
  • Smooth glide: use extremely smooth mouse skates, so that the wrist pad can glide smoothly, allowing you to move the mouse freely when working or playing games; Compared with a static wrist rest, this one will not bend your wrist to an uncomfortable position and brings you a good experience
  • Design details: mouse wrist rest has smooth silicone material, strong support and a curve design that fits the wrist, ensuring that your wrist is very comfortable to hold the mouse in different positions; Molded in a piece of comfortable cooling material to enhance stability and durability
  • Suitable occasions: the mouse rest uses black color, stylish and classic, and can match various styles of mice and desks; It is suitable for game players, office workers, and people who work or play games for a long time
  • How to use: before holding the mouse, take a few seconds to align your wrist with the mouse wrist rest, which will help you hold the mouse more comfortably while operating

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