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Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Footrest Under Desk for Sitting and Standing,Intuitive Foot Stool and Leg Support for Standing Desk

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SUPERIOR ERGONOMICS - The Foot rest is a well-known product with superior ergonomics. Thanks to self-adjusting footplate, you can activate your lower extremeties whether you are sitting or standing.
SIT BACK AND RELAX - When sitting down and using the Footrest you can activate the footplate by tilting it up and down, and you can also use the upper soft leatherette support to put up your feet, kick back and relax.
INTUITIVE ADJUSTMENT - Using the foot rest is simple and intuitive whether you are sitting or standing, thanks to the Footrest´s tiltable and self-adjustable footplate.
DYNAMIC WORKING WHILE STANDING - Standing while you work will enhance your well-being. The Footrest offers great support and great "fidgeting" options at the same time.
HEIGHT AND ANGLE ADJUSTABILITY - Because of its design, you can adjust the height of the Footrest from 3.15", 4.70" and at its highest, 6.10". You can also tilt the footplate at any angle you like. The upper soft leatherette support is extremely comfortable.

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