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Ergonomic Forearm Support Desk Extender

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Ergo computer armrest】 Black Asymmetrical Screws Ergo Computer Armrest in easy installation with screws, just use it directly. Desk thinness: 0.5 to 4cm (The desktop should not be thicker than 4 cm)

【Z-shaped brackets set up】 Two Screws for Armrest Establishing a pure posture relief while sitting. Installation with self-assemble parts of two Z-shaped brackets

【Against RSI】 Prevents repetitive strain injuries improve work efficiently. Material: artificial leather (easy to clean and disinfect) and high-density elastic sponge

【Natural posture】 Adjust your arms between keyboard distance and make your arms be supported comfortable and your shoulders entirely relaxed. Maximum weight supports: 18KG / 50lbs

【Works at home and office】 Applicable people: office staff/gaming groups/learning groups, Widely usable for all

Ergonomically designed to support the elbows and/or the forearms and wrists while using a computer mouse and keyboard.
Metal Clamps fit 4CM maximum thickness of table. It is very easy to remove from the desk while unused.
Easily expand your exiting desk surface with this tray without any tools!

Not applicable:

Corner desk

Ergonomic forearm support could not support corner desk. It could not fix corner desk by Z-shaped brackets.

Desk with keyboard tray
Ergonomic forearm support could not support desk with keyboard tray. Keyboard tray will stop ergonomic forearm support installation.

Desk with drawer
Ergonomic forearm support could not support desk with drawer. Drawer will stop ergonomic forearm support installation.

Ergonomic support

Ergonomic desk extender design support reading on desk. It is good to support your forearm comfortably and reduce pain.

Office working
The ergonomic forearm support reduce pain in long time working on computer. It is good support your keyboard and mouse. It is offer natural posture in working. 

Standing working
Even you working on your standing desk, the ergonomic forearm support could support you in natural posture. It is easy to you to adjust your posture in sitting and standing.

Fittings include
Easy to install
Ergonomic design which is easy to install and play
12mm thickness foam support hands in soft and comfortable
Artificial leather
Surface making in PU leather which is easy to clean and disinfect, since the top surface is made from black artificial leather.


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